Newly opened wellness near Rožňava

What We offer:

Whirlpool for 8 people
Steam sauna
Herbal sauna
Finland sauna
Tropical rain
A bucket of courage
Heated deck chairsa
Therapeutic massages
Relaxation-swimming pool
We offer massage services at an unbeatable price!
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Whirlpool for 8 people. It strengthens blood circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates the immune system. Depleting anxiety, tension and depression.

Finland sauna

We provides relaxation, refreshment, breakdown of toxins from the body, alleviation of skin and respiratory problems.

Steam sauna

It relaxes muscles, facilitates breathing, stimulates the immune system, helps to achieve a deeper and more abundant sleep, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Relaxation-swimming pool

The pool is designed for swimming and relaxation.


The tepidarium is a relaxation cabin designed for relaxation between the individual phases of the sauna and after it.

Principles of proper sauna

1. Don't forget to take a shower before entering the wellness.
2. Dry well, dry skin sweats better.
3. Do not go to the sauna hungry or, conversely, with a full stomach.
4. Do not use a swimsuit in the sauna area, but sails.
5. When sweating, you can easily stroke and wipe the skin. This helps to open pores and flush out impurities from the skin.
6. The stay in the sauna should be short, but intense. Therefore, it is better to be in the sauna on the upper benches, but for a maximum of 15 minutes.
7. It is better to lie in a dry sauna. The body is exposed to the same temperature and there are no dizziness and headaches, as the body is exposed to an even temperature throughout the body. Last minute sauna is recommended to adjust the blood circulation to an upright position again.
8. After the recommended time of stay in the sauna, or when you feel burning of the earlobes or the tip of the nose, leave the sauna.
9. After the sauna, always take a shower to wash away the sweat from the body.
10. After each sauna and subsequent cooling, it is recommended to relax in the rest room, or replenish fluids, preferably with mineral water, clean water, or chilled tea.
11. Sauna will pleasantly relax you before the massage and also after the massage it is advisable to use the regenerative effects of the sauna.

Price list of services

One-time entry to the wellness (sauna world)

Item Price (€)
Dospelí (2 hours) 12,00 €
Kids from 4 to 12 years (2 hours) 6,00 €
Kids to 4 years FREE

One-time entry to the pool (water world)

Item Price (€)
Adults (1 hour) 4,00 €
Adults (2 hour) 6,00 €
Every other hour +0,50 €
Kids to 12 year (1 hour) 2,50 €
Kids to 12 year (2 hours) 4,50 €
Every other hour +0,30 €

One-time entry (sauna + water world) - 3 hours -10 %

Item Price (€)
Adults 15,00 €
Kids from 4 to 12 years 8,00 €
Kids to 4 years ZADARMO
Family packet (2 adults, 2 kids to 12y.) 35,00 €

Massage services

Item Time Price (€)
Back massage 25 min. 8,00 €
Whole body back 60 min. 17,00 €
Reflexology foot massage 25 min. 10,00 €
Neck massage 10 min. 4,00 €
Cupping 45 min. 15,00 €